03 July 2013

july 1st {ruffled}

gap fitted boyfriend shirt {thrifted}   ·   calvin klein skirt {thrifted}
madden girl sursey pumps {thrifted}

i looked back on the spreadsheet where i track my clothing purchases and i don't think i made it to the goodwill once in the month of june--or at least i didn't buy anything!  that is kind of rare!  so this past sunday i ventured out to my favorite goodwill and came away with this blouse and a target stock blazer.  it wasn't the right color tag for the sale this week so it was full price, but i have a hard time passing up button-downs, especially those that feature some sort of unique detailing like ruffles, or print, like a nice plaid.  this one fit both criteria, so i forked over $4.99 for it!

oh, and pardon the shredding explosion on my floor!  and i still haven't vacuumed yet, so i'm afraid you'll be seeing that all week.  i know, i am the worst blogger... thanks for visiting me anyway.  :)

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