04 July 2013

july 3rd {aranciata}

eshakti dress {c/o}   ·   gap boys button-down {thrifted}
predictions karmen heels
i haven't really been that inspired by my closet lately, focusing more on what i lack than what i have to be creative with.  "i have no printed or patterned pencil skirts in shades of green!  i have no yellow button-downs!"  you should have seen the pile of clothes on my bed tuesday, discarded outfit options and garments that were tossed aside in frustration.
so, today i picked an outfit i'd stored in the back of my mind i thought might work, put it on, and went with it.  i've been neglecting wearing this orange dress again {last worn here} because it is so bold and my new office environment is a bit static, but there are a couple of older fashionable ladies who always dress in bold colors & sky high heels, so i used them as inspiration today.  work has been a bit tough lately, so this  punchy dress was just what i needed to get through the day before a holiday.
thanks for visiting - and don't worry, i have since vacuumed ;)

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