12 July 2013

july 12th {jacquard}

merona jacquard cropped blazer {thrifted gtarget stock}  
merona melinda wedges   ·   merona tiered tee {short sleeved version}
this blazer is another recent thrifted target stock finds from the goodwill.  i think my eyes bugged out when i saw it was priced at only $1.99!  even though it's always exciting to find target stock at the goodwill, sometimes it it can be a major let down. i've deduced over the years that it can come in the form of clearance, online returns, and--unfortunately--slightly damaged items. even though i try to look over any item i buy from the goodwill pretty closely, i'm always kind of worried that in the middle of the day i'm going to discover a large rip in a seam or a tear i didn't notice because it was obscured by a print.  thankfully i didn't have on my target stock goggles when i tried this on in the fitting room and after a good look, it appeared to be in tact!
most clothing items, target stock or otherwise, are priced pretty standard at my goodwills but there is always fluctuation - its a major treat when you find such a great steal!  hopefully i can find many ways to wear this blazer!
thanks for visiting & have a great weekend!

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