15 July 2013

july 15th {husky}

old navy boy's poplin shirt   ·   merona doubleweave skirt
merona bella flats

i think button-downs are one of my favorite articles of clothing to wear.  they are so easy to throw on, especially ones like this that area pretty, colorful plaid.  it takes the guesswork out of what color bottom to pair with it {just pick one of the colors in the plaid!} or how to accessories {no need, the plaid is busy enough}.  even in the hot summer months, rolling the sleeves up like this keeps me cool enough while hiding my upper arms that i'm not always confident enough to show off.

this is a little boys shirt from old navy just like this one is that i wear often, but there is less puckering from my bust (oh my gosh, i hope no one ever googles that phrase and happens upon this post) along the placard as i ordered the "husky" version.  honestly, i would never suspect this shirt to be for a little boy and hopefully no one else would either unless they look closely and realize it buttons on the opposite side!  thanks for dropping by!

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