16 July 2013

july 16th {orange you glad...}

a.n.a. blouse {thrifted & slimmed}   
merona doubleweave skirt   ·  dexter kylie wedges

i wore this blouse about a month ago but failed to blog about it so i had to make sure that i did today! i was so drawn in by the gorgeous, colorful print and flowy style but almost bypassed it because it was a petite large.  i'm glad i hung onto it as it was a pretty easy task to zip up and down either side with my sewing machine to slim it to my size.  i think blouses like this are pretty forgiving as well (compared to perhaps a cotton button-down) and i don't think the shaky stitch i made is noticeable at all!

now, this skirt:  orange you glad i'm wearing orange again?!  :)  i had to order something from target.com a couple weeks ago and i'm so glad i quickly perused through the clothing and found one of my beloved doubleweave skirts on a major price cut.  it didn't take any contemplation at all to add this skirt to my cart.  i love comparing the look of this blouse with the jade green skirt the first time i wore it to this punchy orange.  next time, i think i'll pair it with magenta.

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