22 July 2013

july 22nd {guesting}

worthington blouse {thrifted}   ·   merona doubleweave skirt
merona marylynn mary janes

i actually have a pretty busy week ahead of me so i'm trying to make sure that i have outfits planned that i know will work for what i have going on each day this week.  i thrifted this blouse recently and it became half of a pretty easy outfit when paired with a coordinating pencil skirt.  however, i think if it sticks around in my closet i am going to have to chop off the arms and hem them to short sleeve length.  the band around the arm opening was too tight on my too chunky forearms!

today i'm guest posting for my friend dayi over at her blog, dayi's sense of stylepop on over if you want to see an outfit i created with her in mind!

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