23 July 2013

july 23rd {savin' some dough}

merona doubleweave skirt   ·   old navy camp shirt
mossimo pearce pumps {thrifted target stock}
lisa leonard sunshine necklace {giveaway win}

so, i went to target over the weekend to buy batteries for my swiffer wetjet and cat food {aren't you always kind of curious about what people go into target to buy?} and of course i ended up with clothes in my shopping basket - this skirt that was on clearance for $11.48 and a merona cardigan that is on sale this week for $15... but i ended up paying much less.  i seriously could not wait to write this post to tell you all about it, but don't worry--i swiffered my apartment first.  i do have priorities!  ;)

most of what i wear is thrifted and i've talked about target coupons a lot in the past, so i think regular readers have caught on that i love a great deal.  target makes it even easier for us bargain hunters with the numerous opportunities they throw at us to save money.  there are target.com coupons, mobile coupons on the target app, and now cartwheel.  it can be hard to keep up with all of these savings options, but if you know what you're doing they set you up to save a ton of money because you can use a combination of all of them on one item.

here's how i got this skirt and cardigan for only $17:  this cardigan is on sale for $15 this week, down from $19.99.  you're already saving $5, but there's also a cartwheel offer for 20% any merona cardigan.  $12 is even better, but i also used a 25% off two merona items coupon from target.com.  this brought my now $12 cardigan down to $9 and my clearance skirt from $11.48 to $8.61.  i won't even factor in the additional 5% i saved by using my target redcard or the nickle i got back for using my own bag!

i love saving money and try to pay it forward by pointing out savings that can be earned.  i hope i'm not the only one out there who gets a thrill when my total keeps going down, down, down on the cash register!  do you use target coupons, target mobile coupons, or cartwheel when you shop at target?  have you scored any good target deals lately

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