26 July 2013

july 26th {blindingly}

j ​ crew blouse {thrifted} · j crew factory skirt 
merona maye pumps {thrifted target stock} 

it is true, i whined & moaned about the brightness of this skirt and the shortness of a dress i recently ordered from j crew factory. since there wasn't much i could do about the length of the dress i sold it on ebay, but i decided before i totally shunned this skirt i needed to at least wear it ONCE. with some virtual encouragement from dotty and a bright yellow dress she wore this week, i gave my blindingly bright skirt a confident test run today. i probably would never wear this skirt to a home visit with a client, but today was a quiet friday in the office and seemed like the perfect day to give it a go. i paired it with this dark navy blouse and a coordinating scarf (it barely reached 70 degrees today, blissful!) and you know what... i loved it! i still wish the skirt were less-neon, i think it would feel less like a "trend," but i'm willing to hang onto it now. have a lovely weekend!

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