30 July 2013

july 30th {hot pink}

o​ld navy crepe blouse · old navy scarf 
j crew skirt {ebayed} · predictions karmen heels 

this is another blouse i ordered recently from oldnavy.com that i got in the mail yesterday. it just felt too easy to pair it with this coordinating scarf and skirt (there is hot pink & this light gray in the scarf if it's hard to see). my only regret is that i didn't iron the blouse first. it has a lovely sheen to it that just amplifies the wrinkles. i'd like to think i'm pretty good about ironing (in fact, i love to iron) so any wrinkles you see in my pictures are a result of sitting for almost eight hours at my desk, but i have to admit that i was this wrinkly all day long. at least the scarf kind of draped over the front of it to mask most of the wrinkles, right? have you scored any good deals at old navy lately? they are becoming my go-to store for colored button-downs!

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