04 August 2013

week in review {july 29-aug 2}

{week 31}
july 29-aug 2

i wasn't really all that excited about my outfits in the last part of the week, which probably explains why i didn't post much, but i look at them now and don't think they were all that bad.  that tends to happen a lot with me - i may be having a bad day or be in a poor mood or be frustrated at work, and that's enough to diminish any interest i have in my outfit or what i'm wearing by the end of the day.  however, i am glad i finally wore the skirt from friday {still available here} again - the first time i wore it, i paired it with navy and after that i was just stumped.  denim/chambray is always a good "neutral" that i've found goes with just about everything.  it turned out to be a good casual friday look.

since i often don't post all of my outfits throughout the week but someone may still be interested what i'm wearing a particular day, i thought i would try to do a more thorough recap.  i'll either link to the item to show the other ways i've worn it {that will give you specific details} or a link if it's still available for purchase somewhere online.  feel free to let me know if you like this or if i can do anything differently during these week in reviews posts!

monday: post here
tuesday: post here
wednesday: handmade dress / j crew riviera jacket / dexter kylie wedges
thursday: merona lace blouse / thrifted semantiks skirt / thrifted madden girl heels / thrifted chaps blazer
friday: thrifted cherokee denim shirt / merona doubleweave skirt / dexter kylie wedges / thrifted merona belt

finally, see my running week in review posts here!

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