20 August 2013

going, going, gone

mossimo dress {thrifted target stock}   
dexter kylie wedges   ·   chaps blazer {thrifted}

august 20th / today was so busy!  it is rare that i have a lot going on but my social work colleague and i like to joke (foreshadow?) that you can just feel that something is going to happen after a long stretch of stillness, quiet, boredom... and by mid-august i was hit with a tsunami of tasks, projects, and new clients in addition to regularly scheduled visits.  usually i may have one meeting or one home visit a day, but today my schedule was jam-packed with an early morning conference call, a long in-person assessment, a visit at a nursing home, and a home visit with another client and caregiver.  

two of these clients i had never met before, so i knew i needed a fuss-free outfit that would help me feel confident but approachable.  i have been wanting to wear this dress again (see the first time i wore it here) and it seemed like a good selection for the different interactions i had today.  the blazer helped me feel like the professional i needed to be (let's be honest, some days i feel like i'm still faking it until i make it), and the wedges gave me some height while still allowing for easy walking from office to car to visit.  i really don't know how i made it through this day of going, going, going but thankfully my outfit didn't fail me!

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