04 September 2013

easy floral scarf.

old navy cardigan {similar} & skirt {similar}
handmade (by me) scarf   ·   merona emma flats

sept 4th / i really enjoy browsing through the red tag clearance fabric at joann's when it goes an additional 50% off.  it's where i get most of the fabric from that i make my handmade skirts out of and i've recently started thinking of other possibilities for the cheap fabric, too, like scarves.  i picked up about three bolts of fabric to make skirts out of last week and 3 bolts of fabric to make scarves out of, like this one.  i tell ya, it's so easy... no longer will i stare longingly at the rows of fun, printed scarves at target that cost $15-20 hoping i may eventually snag one at 70% off.  i think i'd much rather buy a yard of fabric for $3 and make my own!

if anyone is interested in the easiest tutorial ever to make a scarf, let me know... i'd be happy to put something together!  meanwhile, i'm already dreaming of how i can wear this scarf with my favorite orange dress.

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