03 September 2013

made to fit.

 e​lle blouse {thrifted} · chaps blazer {thrifted} 
j crew factory skirt · dexter kylie wedges 

sept 3rd / i found this pretty blouse at the goodwill last week; despite being many sizes too large i again just slimmed the sides to fit me as i've done with a couple other blouses (here, here). this easy alteration seems to work pretty well, although i think a standard smaller size wouldn't have had such a scooped neckline. either way, i felt it worked pretty well and i liked pulling out the greens and navys with the skirt and blazer. i'm getting a lot of wear out of this 3/4 sleeve navy linen blazer and it was the perfect layer to hide the scoopiness of the neckline in the front and back. i guess i have some more alterations to do!  thanks for visiting -- enjoy your week!

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