23 September 2013

fall wedding attire ideas.

my extended family is pretty small and i only have a few cousins, but oddly enough a couple of them have reached the age of getting married.  in fact, i have a wedding coming up at the end of october and of course i am wondering, "what do i wear?!"  

my dress collection is seriously lacking so i've begun the search for a dress that i can wear to this fall wedding and continue to wear to work.  my main requirement is that it has some sort of sleeve so i don't have to worry about what to layer over it and it makes sense for it to be in a "fall" color scheme.  for some background information, both the ceremony & reception are at a local hotel and the ceremony begins at 4pm on a saturday.  here are a couple options i have found online:

{i also like this one from kohls!}

these bottom two are ebay auctions i'm watching

it has been kind of fun searching for a pretty dress to wear since i never have a reason to shop for a specific occasion... but of course i am going to need a few other opinions on this!  my mindset is always geared toward what i can wear to work that i don't know if these are wedding appropriate, so i appreciate anyone who is willing to weigh in!

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