21 September 2013

week in review {sept 16-20}

{week 38}
sept 16-20, 2013

here is what i wore to work this week!  maybe next week i will switch it up and try... try not to wear so many button-downs?  i have one in nearly every color but they are just so easy to pair with skirts and i always feel professional in them.  a few years ago i wore a cardigan nearly every single day; maybe i'll pull more of those out now that it's getting cooler and i can handle wearing a thicker cotton cardigan, but maybe my taste is just changing to like button-downs?  is there anything you find yourself wearing more nowadays compared to years past?

monday: post here
tuesday: post here
wednesday: thrifted merona button-down {similar} / merona skirt {buy} / predictions karmen heels
thursday: thrifted loft button-down {similar} / thrifted j crew skirt / thrifted merona maye heels {buy}
friday: thrifted evan picone blazer {similar} / old navy sweetheart boot-cut jeans {buy} / lela rose for payless heels {similar} / target scarf

by the way, i've done these recap posts a few times now and i'm curious if you like the format with the links to find similar/exact items?  i know this is something i am interested in as i browse other blogs, so i like taking the extra few minutes to find items online.  if the exact item isn't available, i try to find something from the same brand or a comparable price.  feel free to share your feedback with me!

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