16 September 2013

my threadup experience.

j crew retro orange pencil skirt {threadupped}
merona button-down {thrifted/similar}   ·    lela rose for payless heels {similar}

i first heard about threadUP a few weeks ago from kimmie's blog (original post) and because i am naturally interested in just about anything, i clicked over and created an account and within minutes had two skirts in my shopping cart.  with the alluring $10 discount i was provided, it was a no-brainer to go through with the purchase and get two great quality skirts for less than $20.  

before my items shipped, i received an email stating one of my skirts did not meet their quality standards and i would be refunded.  shortly thereafter, i received a 99 cent refund in my paypal account.  i couldn't understand why i would only be refunded 99 cents, but i waited for my order to arrive to see if there was a flaw in one of the skirts they wanted to compensate me for.  when my shipment only contained one skirt and i still had only been refunded 99 cents (not the full price of the skirt, which was $7.49), i dug a little deeper and realized my account online had been credited the price of the skirt and the 99 cents must have been the shipping fee i was refunded.  i emailed their customer service to clarify and this was confirmed.

aside from that minor issue, i was pleased with the skirt that you see above that i did receive.  i love j crew pencil skirts (who doesn't?!) but they are a pretty penny not only in store/online at regular price but also on ebay, which is where i typically look for them.  plus, i'm cheap frugal and don't like going over my price point and ebay auctions for j crew skirts either start out too high or end up high anyway, so i never end up bidding.  it actually worked out really well for me, i think, to find this skirt at the price i did on threadUP and for that i'm really pleased!

will i shop at threadUP again?  well, yeah, because i have that skirt credit in my account that i don't want to go to waste... but i probably would browse there every once in a while anyway to see what they have in stock.  if you're interested in signing up for an account and want to go through my referral link, click here

this post is in no way sponsored by or affiliated by threadUP, they don't even know about my blog.  i just wanted to share my honest experience with this online marketplace.  however, in full disclosure: if you sign up for an account through my referral link above, you'll get $10 to put toward your first purchase and i'll get $10 if you buy. 

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