17 September 2013

more scarves!

​merona tie front dress {similar}   · xhilartion blazer {thrifted / similar
handmade (by me) scarf · merona mary janes {thrifted / similar

sept 17th / this is another scarf i made out of about a yard of lightweight, linen-like fabric. i promise, i am not just teasing you, my scarf tutorial is coming!  the fabric i chose to make my tutorial scarf out of is turning out to not be the best fabric as it is causing me some problems, but i am working on it for you!​ like many people around the country, i am enjoying pulling on more layers but our temperatures are actually requiring a scarf these days for warmth rather than fashion. speaking of scarves, since i am dragging you all along waiting for my tutorial, i thought i would share today how i store my scarves: 

i store my scarves looped through this ikea komplement hanger that i found at the goodwill for a couple bucks. i have it hanging on a hook on the back of my bedroom door. the contraption in front of it is a shoe rack. a few of the horizontal bars on the top broke off but i wanted to still find a way to use it, so i placed it in front of my scarves and realized i could use the bars on the bottom to hang baseball caps and a bag filled with my mittens, gloves, and winter hats. it worked out perfectly to utilize the space on the door below the scarf hanger and find a way to store those awkward items i haven't found an easy storage solution for anywhere else. i never would have thought of using a shoe rack to organize other items, but a little creativity turned it into a workable solution. i guess that's what you have to do when you live in a small-ish apartment!  i'm sure i'll find other things to hang on the empty slots or just take those bars off so i have easier access to the bottom row of scarves.

since this post is turning into an organizational/tour post, i thought i would link to my other closet/organizational posts: bedroom closet / shoe closet / jewelry. all of these spots look drastically different now as i am always trying out different ways to fit all of my clothes and shoes, but i thought i would still link to them in case one of my previous organizational methods might work for someone else if you have a similar space.  after i finish my scarf tutorial, i'll work on new closet tour posts (i think they're always fun!). thanks for visiting!

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