25 September 2013

repeated dresses.

mossimo dress, cardigan {this season's}, and heels
{all thrifted target stock}​ 

sept 25th / forgive me if this outfit looks repetitive, i'm running out of layering pieces to wear with this dress! and since i don't want to relegate it to the back of my closet after i've exhausted all of the unique ways i can think of to wear it, you may just have to see me cycle through some options again.  the only look i haven't tried is layering a button-down underneath (it's a sleeveless dress) so that may come next! 

also, i feel the need to apologize for my terrible hair... it usually never gets this long, but when it does the layers disappear and it gets flat & stringy.  it only looks halfway decent on day #2 when i curl it (have you noticed the pattern that every other day my hair is straight or curly? haha!) but it's to the point where i feel like i have to commit to growing it out a little more because then i can donate it!  i've never done that before but it'll probably happen in another month or so.  :)  until then, forgive me if my hair looks terrible... it annoys me so much right now!

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