27 September 2013

deja fleurs.

 old navy lace crochet top {similar} · charter club deja fleurs skirt {ebayed}
target necklace   ·   madden girl sursey heels {thrifted / similar}

sept 26th / the first time i wore this skirt last month i told you all how excited i was about it... and well, that remains true, but i realized i don't really have any tops that match any of the colors in it perfectly! so, white it is with some colorful accessories -- that always works! are you signed up for target mobile coupons on your iphone? they're just within the target store app, and sometimes you can text for extra ones.  anyway, there is a great buy one accessory, get one free mobile coupon available right now. being the frugal lady i am, i decided to use the coupon on two clearance necklaces;  this one that was $8.49 and another one that was $5.08... and this one ended up being free (usually the lesser price item is free for those types of promotions)! i definitely never feel guilty about getting clearance jewelry for free!  have you scored any great deals at target lately?

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