17 December 2013


j crew button-down {thrifted}   ·   cherokee cardigan
j crew skirt {ebayed}   ·   worthington booties

hi everyone, are you guys having a good week so far?  mine has been busy, no rest for the weary.  i had a 2.5 hour long home visit this morning with a client and after looking at these pictures (that i took when i got home) i can't help but wonder if she was looking at me odd the entire time because of my weird hair.  i swear, it has to be long enough to donate by now!  i will miss having the flexibility of these types of home visits with my clients but i'm looking forward to a lot of changes in my life around the first of the year... new haircut, new job, moving... i know january 1st is just another day on the calendar, just another wednesday, but it still feels good looking forward to new, positive things.  do you feel that way about the start of a new year, too?  anything you're looking forward to change in your life?  thanks for visiting!

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