23 December 2013

holiday cheer.

banana republic factory dress & old navy blazer {both via thredup*}
jessica simpson oscar heels {via dsw}

since i didn't participate in the ugly christmas sweater contest at work last week, i decided i would at least try to dress the part for my department's holiday party.  the last time i wore this dress on my birthday i also paired it with this cropped brown blazer, so it felt a little unimaginative to do the same here, but, well, that's what happened.  i couldn't find a good cardigan that i felt would "go" with this shade of green, so i just stuck with what worked the first time around.  for a little holiday, festive fun i wore these great gold heels and gold jewelry.  now, this is my idea of holiday attire!

have you had any holiday office parties to attend?  are they anything like what you see in the movies?  none i've attended in real life are, but that doesn't mean that you can't dress the part. 

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get the look:  similar dress / similar blazer / similar heels

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