02 December 2013

thrifted & altered.

​talbots blouse {thrifted} · chaps blazer {thrifted} 
george skirt {thrifted & altered} · lela rose for payless heels ​​ 

happy monday! if you noticed my absence lat week and we were wondering what happened to me, i was in georgia celebrating thanksgiving with my family. i hope you all had a wonderful week and equally as great holiday and/or time off from work/school! i myself am back to work after having a week off, but putting together this outfit was relatively easy as i just grabbed two items i thrifted while i was in georgia - this blouse and skirt. i've been trying to look for fuller skirts at the goodwill since my closet is full of so many pencil skirts, and this one definitely caught my eye with the fun pattern-mixed print. even though it was about 6 sizes too big, i saw the potential in it and it was a really easy alteration for my mom and i to sew a new side seam and bring up the hem. i am pretty sure you can't have too many white blouses or button-downs in your closet, either, so i was happy to find this one with an interesting, ruffled neckline. 

i'm sorry you can't see my shoes in this picture -- i'm wearing these.  the blazer and background of the skirt is navy and my tights are dark gray.  i will try to get better at taking brighter pictures so you can see the differences in colors!

isn't it fun traveling to a different place and seeing what their thrift stores are like? the ones in georgia are pretty different from the ones where i live in minnesota, but i had a lot of success there so i hope to share more of my finds in the upcoming weeks as i plan outfits with them. thanks for visiting and have a great week! 

get the look: similar blouse / similar blazer / similar skirt / similar heels / exact bracelet

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