30 January 2014

a snowy morning.

old navy flannel shirt   ·   j crew factory wool skirt
mossimo wanda wedges   ·   target belt & necklace

if you can believe it or not, i've never owned a flannel shirt before... i'm really stretching my memory here and i don't even remember owning one when i was in high school in the 90s.  this one from old navy definitely came in handy today though as it was another cold day, but more impressive than the cold was the 5" of snow that dropped during the first part of the morning. the weather is crazy all across the country and it seems like it's all we can talk about, but i feel so fortunate that we are equipped to deal with winter weather up here in minnesota and by the time i left work this afternoon, every road i needed to travel on was completely plowed.  

i grew up in atlanta, one of the southern cities impacted greatly by the icy and snowy weather earlier this week, and though nothing quite like that ever occurred when i lived there (i remember getting a dusting of snow maybe every few winters), i have a different perspective living in a state now where winter weather happens a couple times a week!  i have so much compassion for the citizens down there (and in neighboring states) who were trapped on highways & for parents whose kids had to stay overnight at school because buses couldn't get them home.  i sincerely hope for everyone's safety and recovery from that incident!  how are you managing with winter this year where you live?

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