01 February 2014

one in, one out: january 2014

welcome to month 1 of my "one in, one out" initiative for clothing, shoe, and accessory purchases. for each new item i purchase and bring into my closet this year, i will recycle (my recycling company accepts clothes and shoes to recycle, so that's where stained/ripped/unwearable items will go instead of the trash), donate, or sell a comparable item on ebay.

i didn't do that well with a clothing budget the latter part of 2013, but i think this is an initiative i can really follow-through with.  it will challenge me to be more selective with what i buy if i know i will also have to get rid of something.  hopefully over time it will also eliminate the frustration i feel of constantly running out of hangers and not being able to fit more and more clothes in my closet.  clearly that's telling me something!

i'm also trying to think of ways i can challenge myself to stay true to this throughout the year.  maybe at the end of each quarter i'll make sure that what's going out are items from the season that just ended that i never wore, or maybe one month i'll remove two items for every one item bought.  i'd also like to challenge myself to only buy a certain number of items one month or try to stick to a monetary budget.  but here's how i did this month:

{what came in}

{items are in order as listed below aside from the accessories and shoes that are in the picture to the right.  if the item is linked, it will bring you to that store's website if it is still for sale online}

blue nile branch necklace c/o 40.00
old navy chambray shirt (gw) 3.50 24.94
gap ruffle bib plaid button-down - lime (gw) 2.50 48.00
merona paisley v-neck cardi (new-gw) 2.50 22.99
j crew lustre lace mockneck tee (gw) 3.50 138.00
merona maroon/navy stripe tee (new-gw) 2.50  ?
c9 pink sports bra (4.48) giftcard 14.99
merona crossbody bag - gold (11.48) giftcard 22.99
ruff hewn army green blazer (gw) 3.49 84.00
merona white button-down (gw) 2.50 ?
mossimo oatmeal tank 5.13 9.00
old navy white oxford w/ navy polka dots 6.91 24.94
old navy black boyfriend skinny khakis 13.93 29.94
old navy patterned trouser socks (2 pr) 0.61 10.00
old navy long sleeve crepe blouse - mint 10.41 32.94
old navy honeycomb sweater - navy 5.51 29.94
old navy classic v-neck sweater - green 2.00 24.94
old navy plaid flannel shirt - blue 7.60 26.94
*fioni carissa emerald flat w/tassel 6.80 27.99
*dexter hensley wedge - gray wool 8.00 29.99
*dexter blaire scrunchy flats - gray/black 13.59 29.99
merona madeline chain black flats 6.25 21.99
mossimo ona flats - red 4.83 16.99
merona tweed navy skirt 12.43 22.99
born pretty candy rhinestone necklace c/o 7.35

total = 25 $124.49  

*not pictured, they've yet to arrive in the mail

{what went out}

not pictured:  two sports bras, a necklace, and two rings.  everything is being donated except the sports bras and shoes that will be recycled.  i'm embarrassed at the condition these shoes are in and how long i have held onto them... they definitely need to go!

thoughts:  overall, i'm really happy with the purchases i made this month.  i added a few more versatile pairs of flats and wedges that are the best type of shoes to wear at my new job.  i thrifted a great blazer i know will get worn a lot, and i added some practical items as well--a new sports bra and a new purse.  i don't regret anything i'm choosing to get rid of.  i can't recall the last time i wore any of these items or the next time i may want to, so i'm glad to just get them out of my closet and make room for the new things i added.

do you abide by the one in, one out philosophy?  if so (or if not, but it sounds like something you want to try), i definitely welcome and appreciate your thoughts!

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