02 February 2014

last week's looks {jan 27-31}

jan 27-31, 2014
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monday: old navy boy's plaid shirt {similar} / old navy sweater {exact} / merona skirt {exact} / dexter  wedges {similar} / forever 21 necklace {similar}
tuesday: post here
wednesday: charter club skirt {similar} / old navy blouse {exact} / merona flats {exact}
thursday: post here
friday: talbots button-down {similar} / mossimo sweater {similar} / old navy denim jacket {similar} / old navy skinny jeans {exact} / mossimo flats {exact}

when i look at these pictures what stands out to me is the contrast between the light mint blouse and dark black tights on wednesday that i didn't really care for and far too much effort taken to match every item on my top-half to the colors in my shoes on friday (you'll have to enlarge the picture to see that detail).  i liked the dark denim jacket, which i've had for-ev-er, with the black jeans but my attempt to dress casually on friday didn't work as well as it did last week.

i mentioned earlier in january how i was hoping to use my in-between jobs time to re-evaluate my wardrobe and my thoughts toward getting dressed to go to work, but my unemployment lasted all of two weeks and i never had a chance to have that internal conversation with myself.  now, i feel like i'm reverting to dressing as i did at my old job in the same combinations and same outfits... and that's not a bad thing, but as i see all of my outfits lined up together for this second week at my new job i can't help but feel as though none of them really came together all that well.

how do you not let yourself get frustrated when you just can't seem to put together combinations of outfits that you like?

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