03 January 2014

i'll see you soon.

four years ago, i started my first job as a social worker out of grad school working with older adults.  i never had any reason to "dress up" prior to this, and i wasn't quite sure what type of fashionable identity i wanted to create for myself in the workplace.  i just knew i wanted to appear put together and approachable.  like many, i followed fashion blogs for a long time before i hit "publish" on my first post, gathering ideas of how others in similar careers dressed for their jobs that i hoped to emulate one day.  2 1/2 years ago i started this blog when i finally thought that i was on my way of doing just that.

i started thrifting when i was in grad school and i loved finding inexpensive pieces that began to build my work wardrobe.  i have always wanted this blog to marry those two concepts - a new working lady and her love for thrifting.  i've had so many "ugh" moments over the years.  this one ranks #1 on the list.  yes, i have no shame sharing that!  i've also learned that i just don't like the way i look in capris, i prefer tucking rather than untucking, and a statement necklace has the power to transform an "okay" outfit to a pretty stellar one. i've gained so much confidence these past few years with what i wear (here's a good example of that) as well as within the profession i practice.
what do i miss?  sharing snippets of my life (more, more), easy projects, book reviews... posts that take more time to put together than quickly editing a photo and writing a few statements.  i enjoy this type of content but it's definitely fallen off of my radar because, honestly, in the past year i've just gotten burnt out on life... i got burnt out at my job and that same emotion translated to this hobby as well and i've been trying to get by with the bare minimum of posts and not always really enjoying putting together outfits at all.

despite how it sounds, this is not a goodbye post; i think it's more of a reflection post (it seems to be a good time of the year to do that) and an "i'll see you soon" post.  i've mentioned a few times in the past couple weeks that my current job is wrapping up and today was my last day.  this blog has always been a place for me to showcase what i wear to work and since i'm unemployed as of today i'm feeling a bit lost of how to proceed.  it's also really hard to write that - i'm unemployed - but i think its important that i don't shy away from it.  

so, if you'll bear with me, i'm going to take some time to reflect on what type of job i see myself moving into and work hard to make that happen.  but i'm also going to continue reflecting on my style and how i hope to see it transform in the future.  i still have a lot to learn about what my personal uniform is, what pieces i want to bring into my closet, and what i need to admit just isn't working (um, this cardigan... i don't think i've liked a single outfit where it's been featured) and i know this space will continue to push me to do that.  if you have any thoughts, i certainly welcome them.  i've pretty selfishly just considered this blog mine-mine-mine but i love you-you-you too and want you to enjoy coming here and getting to know me better in the future.

so, with that, i'll see you soon... probably next week when i finally chop off all my hair... i've only been talking about it forever, so i promise to share it!

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