21 July 2011


ann taylor factory store cardigan {thrifted}   j crew frances blouse
old navy capris   unlisted patent heels {thrifted}   kohls necklace

i think these pants aren't doing me any favors.  what do you think?  you can be honest.  it's interesting looking at yourself in a different way when you post pictures of yourself to a blog.  i'd been taking daily pictures of my outfits for almost a year before starting l&s yet it's somehow different now.  i wonder if everyone goes through this revelation & transformation upon starting a little blog.  either way, i really appreciate this creative outlet as a whole and any visitors that might be popping in.  i hope you'll continue to visit!

one picture from my little break away from my desk to take these pictures... it's amazing how a 5-10 degree drop in dew point affects the weather!  it was so lovely today.

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