22 July 2011


button-up: gap {thrifted}
pencil skirt: old navy
bow belt: old navy
necklace: aerie
nude ruffle flats: mossimo

i think the universe was getting back at me today for unintentionally skipping out a little early yesterday from work (it was unintentional, honestly!) by really making me work today.  i was left to my own devices in the office and fielded quite a few phone calls from clients and providers and had my own struggles working the system for some of my clients.  such is the life of a case manager.  i can say one thing, it felt darn good at the end of the day to know that i had accomplished so much.  and i'm so glad i was able to take a little break and breather outside this afternoon and found this gorgeous place to take photos.  isn't that green door something?!

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