25 July 2011

the weekend.

just a couple little photos from my weekend...

at the goodwill on saturday i found this over-the-door shoe rack for my closet to replace it's twin that has been falling apart.  it was only $2.99!  time to buy more shoes to fill up the last empty row on the bottom!  or maybe buy new shoes all together since a lot of my heels look pretty beat up!

i finally forced myself to purchase some concert tickets to some upcoming shows this fall... hanson {of course} and foster the people.  their cd has been in non-stop rotation in my car for the past month.  i won't lie, i often listen to their performance of "helena beat" from jimmy kimmel live on youtube on repeat when i'm at work and need a burst to fun to get me through filling out paperwork & forms.  i'd definitely suggest checking them out!

i also finally used my groupon to old navy and picked up this chiffon tank that many other lovely bloggers have been sporting lately.  old navy is such a hit & miss for me so it's no surprise that i couldn't find anything to buy until the week before the expiration date.  i don't know why that is, since i sure spent a lot of money when i worked there.  random fact: i also used to work at the gap!

lastly, here's ann, passed out!  she's like my little baby who i get to post embarrassing pictures of on the internet!

i hope everyone had a great weekend!

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  1. Awesome, I'll be at the First Ave Hanson show, too!