03 February 2014

wear today.

merona blouse {thrifted target stock)
calvin klein skirt {thrifted}   ·   mossimo ona flats

i'm definitely not one of those people who buys something and then waits weeks or months to wear it.  my MO is more like: buy today, wear tomorrow.  if something sits in my closet for too long without being worn, it's usually an indication that it wasn't a good purchase to begin with.  maybe i should pull out these items and see if i can notice any patterns.

i found this blouse at the goodwill yesterday and since i was kind of down in the dumps about my outfits from last week i decided just to wear it because it is new and new things always feel good the first time you wear them.  oddly enough, it looks nearly like an outfit i wore two weeks ago (i had to force myself not to wear a button-down underneath this blouse too), but i think it worked - the print on the blouse provided enough detail that the navy skirt and gray tights didn't feel too boring and no jewelry was really necessary.  not bad for a monday!  thanks for visiting!

get the look:  exact blouse / similar skirt / exact flats

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