23 January 2014

burgundy & navy stripes


merona blouse {thrifted target stock}   ·   calvin klein skirt {thrifted}
madden girl sursey pumps {thrifted}   ·   inpink necklace

i'd like to say i've been easing myself into my new job, but i've kind of just jumped right in with the work (my new job is as a social worker at a nursing home if i hadn't mentioned that yet) and i have started seeing residents, doing assessments, and inputting information into our electronic health record.  even though the place where i work is all one level, i'm making quite a few passes down the hallways and heels like i wore today aren't probably going to be realistic most days.  i'll probably start wearing more flats, wedges, or booties that attach completely to my foot and aren't as likely to fly off since i'm such a fast walker anyway.  :)  it feels good to be moving around a lot though since my last job i spent most of the day sitting in my cube staring at the computer!

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get the look:  similar blouse / similar skirt / similar button-down / similar heels / similar necklace

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