20 January 2014

day one.

mossimo slacks {thrifted target stock}
mossimo ultrasoft sweater   ·   merona mollie booties

today was my first day at my new job!  i was told i would be in orientation all day but i didn't know what the schedule for the day would be, how formal it would be (ex: a classroom setting vs computer module trainings), etc.  with so many unknowns, i wore something that would pass as business-casual but wouldn't leave me feeling completely out of place if others defined "orientation" as an opportunity to dress casually.  these slacks used to get a lot of wear a couple years ago and were the easiest item to build an outfit around because they indeed are dress slacks but the fabric almost looks like fancy denim rather than a shade of navy.  i figured if some people were wearing slacks and others were wearing jeans, i'd land somewhere in the middle - and that's actually exactly what happened!

even though i'm gaining more confidence with my personal style, i wanted to wear something that allowed me to fit in more than stand out, which i may have if i'd worn one of my normal bold printed skirts or colorful shoes.  i've been trying to put into words why this made sense to me and i think i just wanted to focus less on myself and what i was wearing so i could focus entirely on learning about this new organization i'm now a part of.  does that make sense?  of course, i may totally change it up tomorrow.  how do you approach first days at new workplaces in terms of what you wear?  do you always play it safe on day one?

oh, and i finally got my hair cut to donate to pantene's beautiful lengths program.  how crazy different do i look?  whoa!  it's been pretty easy to draw a parallel from the date on the calendar to these new changes... new year, new you.  new job, new hair.  but they're good changes.  i think we should open ourselves up to recognize small, good changes all the time.  i'm trying  hard to keep this in mind & am wishing the same for you at the start of this new week.  thanks for visiting!

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