06 February 2014


old navy oxford
merona skirt & flats

my friend brynn wore this exact shirt earlier this week so i used her as my inspiration to put together an outfit with this shirt myself.  the polka dots are navy but they're so small that i think they could easily pass as black, so i kept my bottom-half neutral with black tights and flats and added the magenta skirt for some color.  my only regret is that i didn't add some sort of necklace--it seems like it's missing something.  i don't know why i never have these realizations until the end of the day and i take pictures as opposed to the start of the day when i'm looking in the mirror!

old navy consistently ranks as one of my favorite stores because they always have great button-downs season after season, and they've also been my go-to store for jeans for a long, long time.  so how can you really say no to picking up such great staples?  clearly i can't; i think i put in an order at oldnavy.com a few times a year!  at least there are always really great sales.  what's the last item you picked up from old navy?

get the look:  exact button-down / current season's skirt / exact flats

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