07 February 2014

golden blog award.

my friend jess at j's style recently nominated me for the golden blogger award, and since i haven't done a post like this in a while i thought i would participate!

the rules:
  • either use the award logo in the post or create your own
  • link to whoever nominated you
  • write 10 facts about yourself
  • nominate bloggers
  • tell the bloggers so they know they've been nominated!
here are my ten facts:

01 / even though i love sharing my thrifted finds here on my blog, i hesitate to tell people in real life how much i love thrifting, especially coworkers.  there's always a line at the door before the goodwill opens on sunday mornings so hey, people here like to thrift, but sometimes i still think the general public may have a skewed opinion of shopping secondhand. 

02 / i used to journal in a major way... like, nearly every day, pages & pages.  maybe i just had more emotions soaring through my veins or events to talk about in high school through college (okay, yeah, that's probably true), but now i can barely write a couple lines in my five year diary.

03 / i thought it was a silly joke when i first learned about it around seven years ago, but now i'm obsessed with the secret.  i don't know that i am that good at putting its methods into practice, but i'm always thinking about it... so actually, maybe just by doing that i am?

04 / i always brought my lunch to school (elementary school through college) and i've continued doing so since i've become a working adult lady so i guess you could say i've eaten the same meal for lunch for nearly my entire life: a sandwich and crackers.  it only took about twenty years to get tired of eating so much processed lunch meat and sandwich bread, so now i now spread hummus on a tortilla and layer on sliced cucumber, shredded carrot, lettuce, and shredded cheese.  as for crackers, i eat a lot of cheez-its and pretzel crisps.

05 / when i print, i never dot my i's or my j's.  this must have started sometime in middle school?  surprisingly, i don't recall any of my teachers ever having anything negative to say about it.

06 / aren't you always kind of curious about what kind of cars other people drive?  i used to have a little two door silver honda civic, but after it was stolen i bought myself a honda cr-v.  i hope i never have to go through either of those situations again (having my car stolen or trying to negotiate with a used car salesman) because i really didn't come out ahead in either situation!

07 / i don't care so much about traveling overseas, but i worry that there are parts of the united states i will never visit.  it just seems a shame to stay in my bubble for my entire life and never experience driving down the pacific coast highway in california, looking across the grand canyon, or seeing a fish get thrown across pike place market.  can you tell i want to visit the west coast?

08 / this probably correlates with #7, but i love following instagrams that show me other parts of the world and amazing photography.  my favorites that i've discovered so far are beautifulplanett, sweatengine, and benlowy

09 /  i am positively certain i will never get sick of listening to the following songs:  "some nights" by fun., "royals" by lorde, and "diane young" by vampire weekend -- sometimes i put "diane young" on repeat and listen to it my entire commute.

10 / i kind of used to be a library-hater because i wanted to own all the books i read but i've recently been converted because my two bookshelves are more than full.  the last books i checked out were: the interestings by meg wolitzer (kind of amazing) and how to say it to seniors by david solie (i won't bore you guys with a book review of that one unless you have an aging relative/friend/coworker/neighbor and need to consult!).

phew!  if only you knew how long it took me to write this post -- why is it so hard to come up with ten facts about myself?!  either way, i hope you made it this far and enjoyed learning a little more about me.  i've seen this going around a lot so if you're interested i think anyone should just do it!

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