16 February 2014

last week's looks {feb 10-14}

week 7
feb 10-14

well, i was a pretty lazy blogger last week so i'm doing a "last week's looks" to show what i wore.  i had some struggles this week!  i've been wearing a lot of navy lately because it seems like the easiest color to go to when i'm low on inspiration, but i wore the same blazer two wednesdays in a row... that really kind of irked me when i realized that.

i also think the weather is finally getting to me... nearly every morning the temperature is sub-zero with few "warm" days in sight.  i acknowledge that it's winter in minnesota, but i'm running low on energy to pick out tights that match with whatever i'm wearing and then the right color shoe.  i've been wearing a lot of the same shoes lately because i don't feel comfortable wearing most of my heels in my new work environment and the other half aren't as easily mixable with various colors of tights.  maybe i need to try wearing some dress pants, but i hesitate even trying any pairs i still own on because i've gained weight since i last wore them!  well, enough complaining from me.  here's a breakdown of what i wore:

monday: mossimo sweater {similar} / j crew skirt {similar} / target necklace {similar} / dexter wedges {similar}
tuesday: mossimo sweater {similar} / ab studio dress {similar} / target belt {similar} / merona wedges {exact}
wednesday: j crew shell {similar} / chaps blazer {similar} / talbots skirt {similar} / target necklace {similar} / merona flats {exact}
thursday: banana republic button-down / merona sweater {similar} / merona skirt {exact} / dexter wedges {exact}
friday: old navy button-down {similar, similar} / old navy scarf {similar} / old navy jeans {exact} / puma shoes {exact}

see all of my 2014 work looks here!

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