17 February 2014

take two.

forever 21 dress as blouse {thrifted}
merona classic pencil skirt
predictions karmen heels

when i first wore this top i thought it would look great with a dark red skirt even though that color isn't really featured in the print (i think the leaves on the flowers are more brown) but since then i've imagined many other outfits to create with a dark red skirt. shopstyle came through for me and found one at target, of course.  i don't know why i didn't think to look there first!

unlike the doubleweave skirts i like so much, this one is a different style that i almost like better.  the length is a little longer and the the fabric is a lighter weight. it comes in some other classic colors too. overall, i am so impressed i am with this skirt and i really do love how it looks with this blouse.  isn't it a great feeling when an idea you had in your head ends up working perfectly?  thanks for visiting!

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