22 February 2014


old navy sweetheart skinny jeans   &mddot;   merona sweater
old navy button down   ·   mossimo kachiri boots

so, minnesotans definitely don't lack in their ability to make up cold-weather puns or words, nor do we ever seem to tire of talking about the weather.  it makes me wonder what would occupy our conversations for half the year if the topic of weather didn't exist.  what would we talk about relative to our state or where we live?  what would be our lead in comment when we greet a coworker or when the cashier at the check out asks us how we're doing?  then again, as i write this i guess i am falling into the cliche.  does it still count if you complain about the frequency with which people discuss the weather?

well, onto my outfit... here's what i wore to work on friday after a snowmageddon 10" snowfall.  skinny jeans and boots was the way to go; i didn't want to change into another pair of shoes when i got to work and instead wear something i could tromp through the snow in, so tall boots it was.  a quirky animal print sweater also seemed to be appropriate for a friday wrapping up a long workweek and somehow seemed to mirror my attitude toward the snowpocalypse outside.  i mean, you just have to find some humor in it!

do people in your "neck of the woods" go on and on about the weather as much as they do in the upper midwest where i live?  have a great weekend!

get the look:  similar sweater / similar button-down / exact jeans / similar boots

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