20 February 2014




sweater & skirt & necklace & shoes {all thrifted target stock}
old navy button-down

so, here's my question for today... what is your discomfort/annoyance threshold with clothing, shoes, accessories?  do you have a high tolerance for pinchy shoes or would you prefer everything you wear to feel like pajamas?  i often think i land somewhere in the middle; i mean, no one really wants to be uncomfortable but i suppose it can't be avoided if you are wearing something for the first time or just grabbed your usual size of shoes from the rack and didn't try them on first.  

well, such is the case with these wedges i'm wearing today.  i spotted them at the goodwill and knew they were donated target stock.  i saw my size on the bottom sole of one shoe and since the pair was connected with elasticized string i assumed they were both the same size.  it wasn't until i got home that i realized one of the shoes is a half size smaller!  to understand why i didn't check the soles of both shoes you would have to get into my head when i am thrifting... with my goodwill googles on, my eyes are so focused on spotting the target stock, especially in the shoes, that when i see something in my size i grab it.  i haven't found many target stock shoes lately and was so excited about these cute metallic wedges.  plus, i guess you just assume shoes that are attached or are sitting together are the same size!

anyway, for $2.99 i was willing to give these mismatched wedges a try.  the smaller shoe was a bit pinchy but not intolerable so i guess it was 3 bucks well spent.  has something like this ever happened to you before?  are you a crazy, focused thrifter like i am?

get the look:  similar sweater / similar button-down / exact skirt / exact shoes / similar necklace

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