21 March 2014

more green.

 old navy button-down & scarf {similar}
merona skirt ·   mossimo wedges {both thrifted target stock}

merona blouse   ·   old navy jeans
worthington booties {similar}

i've been wearing green every day this week in an effort to link up with andi, heather, and ashley but of course the week got away from me and i fizzled out on blogging the latter part of the week.  one of these days i'll get my act together but most days i come home and try to get on the treadmill, then cook dinner, then lay on the couch and watch prime time tv, then i inevitably fall asleep and wake up intermittently until i finally drag myself to bed and, well, then there's no blogging.  i know, i live an exciting life!  so here's my outfits from yesterday and today (friday).  

i'm not sure if anyone at work noticed that i wore green every day of the week but i'll tell ya, i have one resident (i work in a nursing home) who always notices when i wear heels and makes sure to reprimand me.  she is convinced i will break an ankle, wear out my knees, or any other number of perilous events may happen to me.  i've cut back drastically on wearing heels since starting this new job, so i find it amusing that she always zones in on me on the rare days i do wear heels!

have a great weekend!

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