18 March 2014



mossimo dress {thrifted target stock}
old navy crepe  blouse   ·   merona bella flats
mossimo belt   ·   wifeysinger earrings {via etsy}

i got caught in the middle of a wardrobe malfunction this morning that i was certain wasn't going to end well - there is a zipper along the back of this dress and it caught in the fabric of the blouse as i was zipping it up and it wouldn't budge!  i couldn't get the dress over my head because it was zipped up too far and i couldn't wrangle out of the blouse because it only buttons halfway.  i was nearly ready to cut myself free, even if it meant ruining the blouse, because i needed to get to work!  the fabric finally came free from the teeth of the zipper before i reached for the scissors and the blouse appears to be in one piece... but what an ordeal this morning!  have you ever had to rip/cut/ruin a piece  of clothing because of a similar malfunction?  i'm so glad i didn't have to!

i am trying to think of other ways to wear this dress aside from with a navy blouse, cardigan, or blazer. i thought the mint looked nice to get me out of that rut and i have a green button-down i may try layering underneath it next. here's my tag for this dress if you want to see other ways i've worn it.  thanks for visiting!

get the look: similar dress / exact blouse / exact flats / similar belt / this season's scarf

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