17 March 2014


gap cardigan {thifted}   ·   merona doubleweave skirt
dexter kylie wedges   ·   target belt & necklace {thrifted target stock}

with every major holiday that rolls around i ask myself if i want to dress in that holiday's assigned colors or be a scrooge.  usually i'm a scrooge but i decided to embrace the color coordination that comes along with st patrick's day and wear some green in the form of this hunter green skirt.  after all, green is my favorite color and i was pretty much a walking leprechaun today anyway!  i wore my green winter coat, i carry my work stuff and lunch bag in a teal green tote, i used my green coffee thermos today, and i brought in a water cup with a green lid to work for the week! 

do i have you beat or did you be sure you wear green today as well?

get the look:  similar cardigan / similar button-down / exact skirt / similar wedges / similar necklace / similar belt

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