14 March 2014

stumpy legs.

evan picone blazer {thrifted}   ·   old nacy lace tee
old navy sweetheart bootcut jeans   ·   merona kalama shooties

haha, i just have to poke fun at myself with the title of this post because it's the only thing that runs through my head when i look at this picture!  my legs look so stumpy... i think jeans with a wider leg opening would have looked a bit better with these shoes or these jeans would have looked better with a different shoe.  isn't it amazing what jumps out at us when we look at a picture of ourselves vs in a full length  mirror?  i definitely didn't catch how funny my feet looked before i left this morning!  then again, it's a wonder i got dressed and out the door in anything at all.  today was one of those mornings where i woke up and had absolutely nothing planned to wear, so aside from the jeans (thanks to it being a friday), i just quickly threw something together.  i love this bright magenta blazer and was pleased to find this lightweight scarf was a perfect match.  now, if only my legs didn't look so stumpy!

after work, i stopped by target and spontaneously bought an ipad air.  the 10% off cartwheel deal + $30 gift card + another 5% savings from my redcard was hard to pass up.  do you own an ipad?  am i the only one left on the planet who didn't own one before today?  i already have an iphone so i'm trying to discover what more i can do with it... any suggestions?

get the look:  similar blazer / exact tee / exact jeans / similar scarf / similar wedges

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