11 March 2014


old navy plaid shirt   ·   merona doubleweave skirt
chaps blazer {thrifted}   ·   merona bella flats

i've never been too concerned about waiting a certain length of time before i rewear items; i wore this button-down not even a month and a half ago and i'm already reaching for it again when i realized my orange skirt would bring out the orange in the plaid.  i hate the idea of buying something i really like and then only wearing it a couple times a year.  if my closet were smaller i'd wear all of my clothes more, sure, but i don't want to let too much time pass and then forget about certain clothes entirely... especially when i only have a few more months (fingers crossed) when i can wear flannel and long sleeves.
how do you balance the desire to show all your clothes equal attention but still appear as though you have a versatile wardrobe, even if it means only wearing a certain item a couple times a year?  does that matter to you much?  i think it's definitely a balance!

get the look:  exact button-down / exact skirt {similar in orange} / similar blazer / exact flats

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