28 April 2014

all about the shoes.

merona cardigan {thrifted target stock}   ·   merona skirt
fergalicious irene pumps
happy monday!  i feel like i have been dressing really casually to work lately (last friday i actually wore running shoes, which is just so different for me!) so it felt good to pull on a pencil skirt and heels... even if it led to a number of looks and comments throughout the day.  is seeing a woman in a pair of high heels really gawk-worthy?  i guess it is at my workplace!  i really like these fun pumps though, DSW always hits it out of the park for me and i consistently find unique and interesting shoes there.  this cardigan hasn't been worn in who knows how long, either, but i felt it was a good complement to the neutral shade of the shoes.  now, if only my hair would grow out a little and cooperate... i miss my longer locks!
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get the look:  similar cardigan / similar button-down / similar skirt / exact heels / similar necklace

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