24 April 2014

whomp whomp.

sonoma sweater   ·   old navy button-down
mossimo slacks {thrifted}   ·   worthington booties   ·   target necklace

this outfit was most definitely a whomp whomp.  i quite enjoyed the statement necklace joined with the fun pattern of the polka dot button-down, but mid-morning i was squatting in a resident's room doing an assessment and one of the rectangular black pieces fell into my lap.  when i got back to my office, another fell off onto my desk.  the pieces had actually fallen off during shipping but i tried to hot glue them back on because it felt silly to return a $7 necklace.  i guess i didn't do a good enough job or the necklace is just beyond repair, though, and sadly i'll have to go back.

needless to say, i took the necklace off after that happened this morning since there was no way to rotate it around my collar so one of the empty pieces wouldn't show, but i put it back on to take pictures to show the effect i was going for.  isn't it the worst when you have to return something you really like because of something out of your control?

get the look:  similar slacks / similar button-down / exact sweater / similar booties / exact necklace {order at your own risk!}

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