22 April 2014

mauve & mint


loft scalloped ruffle sweater   ·   mossimo slacks {thrifted}
restricted slice it wedge

i've been doing a lot of online shopping this month... and i mean, a looot... but it's really my preferred way to shop.  i know what size i am at the stores i frequent so i don't need to try anything on, i have no problem stalking things i like and waiting for sales, and i can always find coupon codes for more savings or free shipping.  sure, it's delayed gratification when i have to wait for packages to arrive in the mail, but i even love tracking when it was shipped and when it will arrive.  yes, i am a nerd!  i also like the opportunity to bookmark items i'm interested in to ponder or come back to later whereas if you see something you like at a store you're more likely to buy it right then and there without giving it that extra thought.

one of the purchases i made this month was at dsw.com.  these minty cut out wedges made their way into my cart and into my heart when i tried them on.  okay, all corniness aside, these wedges are so comfortable!  the wedges i wore yesterday are a different story and gave me a painful blister, but even so i had no issues wearing these wedges all day.  i'm currently stalking the poppy red color at dsw.com but sears.com also carries the taupe color.  they're more expensive on sears.com, but i've noticed that retailer offers a lot of random promotions that could lead to a decent deal.  

i couldn't think of a better color to wear with mint than this pretty rosy mauve color.  the sweater is lightweight enough to be bearable with the moderate temps right now in the midwest, but i'd welcome a few more chilly days to take advantage of wearing it at least one more time before the heat hits.

are you an online shopper like me, or do you not mind braving the crowds at malls and shopping centers?

get the look:  exact sweater / similar pants / exact wedges / similar necklace

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