21 April 2014

a beginning with pants.

loft diamond print cropped pants   ·   mossimo sweater {thrifted}
target necklace & belt {thrifted target stock}   ·   cl irresistible bol wedges

i've participated in theme weeks these past two weeks, so i decided to give myself free reign at my closet this week instead of jumping right into another one.  this also gives me the opportunity to wear one of the new clothing items i've purchased this month - these patterned pants.  even though i wear patterned skirts with confidence, i have never envisioned myself in patterned pants!  i automatically assumed they wouldn't work for me so i wrote them off without ever trying a pair on. 

my personal style has really been changing since i started a different job earlier this year.  my previous job was primarily a desk job--i could hide out in my little cubicle and not present myself to others if i didn't want to.  i don't mean that i was closed off or unfriendly, i just mean that there was little risk in wearing bold colors or patterned skirts if no one ever really saw what i was wearing as i sat behind my desk all day.

my current job is so different.  i squat beside my residents in their wheelchairs so we can be eye-to-eye, i kneel on the floor beside dining room tables to take breakfast orders, i perch on the edges of beds to visit, and i walk up and down long hallways multiple times a day.  gone are the days where i can comfortably wear most high heels, that is for sure!

it's interesting and important to me to track the progression of my style and reflect on how it's impacted by so many different factors... not only the ones i noted above, but also my personal preferences, my weight, the appearance i want to present toward others.  my new workplace is so casual and relaxed and my personal style is changing to reflect that - i've sold/donated almost all of my heels and i'm on the hunt for different styles of pants to incorporate into my wardrobe as that is what i feel more comfortable in nowadays based on what my job requires of me.

a couple weeks ago i took a leap and ordered two pairs of patterned pants from loft.  i paid more for them than i would have at my usual stores of old navy or target, but as soon as i slipped this pair on, they felt very much to be a reflection of present day heidi.  i'd pay that price again and again to have a garment i feel that great in (even though i wish they were a size smaller; i was unsure of the sizing as i've never shopped at loft before).  i will continue to wear skirts and dresses and heels (albeit less often), but i feel my new found love for pants - and dare i say patterned ones at that - will make my entire wardrobe more well-rounded.  that's something that's really important to me too.

do you notice your style changing over time in a similar way?  if you got this far, phew - thanks for reading!

get the look:  exact pants {i'm 5'5" and ordered the tall to have a longer inseam because i don't like pants that hit above my ankles.  the length of these loft pants is better, right?  i welcome your objective opinion!} / similar sweater / similar necklace / similar belt / exact wedges

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