07 April 2014

florals week (day 1)

gap kids button-down {thrifted}   ·   merona doubleweave skirt
our world boutique necklace   ·   merona madeline flats

this week i'm participating in andi, brynn, and kate's florals week.  i'm not sure that i realized quite how many items i have in my closet until i started pulling items i may want to wear.  i'm starting out the week wearing this statement necklace.  i really liked how the magenta in the flowers on the necklace matches with the magenta skirt.  this isn't a shirt i reach for often, but i liked how the cornflower blue acted as a good neutral against the bright skirt.  unfortunately, i think i need to retire this button-down.  sometimes it works to size up and shop in the kids department, but i have a couple shirts i've tried this with and i just don't think it works for me.  the front placard puckers, sleeves have to be rolled up, and the buttons are on the wrong side!  :)  the option i linked to below is very similar, but a $70 price tag for a shirt makes me nauseous.  i guess the search is on!

i'll be participating in this florals theme all week, but i wanted to go ahead and let you guys know that my friend marissa and i are hosting another pantone-inspired color challenge next week starting april 14th!  we enjoyed this challenge last fall and last spring so much that of course we had to keep it going.  i'll post a couple reminders throughout the week but wanted to go ahead and post the graphic so you can be thinking ahead if you want to join us!

get the look:  similar button-down / similar skirt / exact flats / exact necklace

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