04 April 2014

never been worn before: yellow blouse.

a.n.a blouse {via thredup}   ·   classic toms
old navy sweetheart skinny jeans   ·   merona scarf

to wrap up my week of highlighting items in my outfits that have "never been worn before," i've chosen this yellow blouse i ordered from thredup* in october 2013.  i'm always looking for blouses of the non-button up variety i can wear year-round, so that is what appealed to me with this blouse... i just have never gotten around to wearing it!  i've also only worn these toms maybe once since buying them in september of 2013 (darn you, winter), so i'm glad they are featured in this outfit as well.  unfortunately, i'll probably try to sell the blouse on ebay or i'll end up donating it.  i like the shade of yellow, but the bottom button kept coming undone throughout the day and that's too pesky to deal with... i'd rather find another flowy, printed blouse to add to my closet that i'm more in love with like i am with this one.  i'm glad that i finally wore it so i could come to that conclusion though instead of letting it continue to hang out in my closet!

to reflect on this week, i think it was good for me to make a point to wear some items i've never worn before, all of which were purchased last fall aside from the dress i wore yesterday.  i do believe that if i buy something and too much time passes before i wear it that it probably wasn't a valid purchase to begin with.  hopefully i can now start to incorporate the items i've worn this week into my regular rotation or learn from them for the future.

thanks for visiting & enjoy your weekend!

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