01 April 2014

never been worn before: eyelet blouse.

 j crew eyelet blouse {thrifted}   ·   old navy blazer {thrifted}
old navy boyfriend khakis   ·   mossimo ona flats

for day two of my "never been worn before" theme week i'm featuring this j crew eyelet blouse that i thrifted at the goodwill in august of 2013 for $6.99.  "why on earth would someone have donated this?!" i asked myself as i adjusted my goodwill goggles and dropped it in my basket before another customer could fight me for it.  it wasn't until i got it home, washed it, and looked it over did i see the snag in the eyelet around the far left side of my torso (kind of in the middle of the close-up shot).  yeah, that's why it was donated.  into the mending box it went thinking i could do some sewing handiwork to reattach the torn part to the blouse.  well, 8 months flew by and i forgot about it until recently.  i decided that with a blazer layered over it, the tear is shielded and not noticeable.  i will probably still seek my mom's assistance to do some stitching repairs, but until then i'm trying not to hang my head too low in shame that so much time passed before i even tried to wear this blouse.  because isn't it just lovely?! 

get the look:  current factory blouse / similar blazer / exact pants / exact flats / similar necklace

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